About me

I graduated in Law at Debrecen University (Hungary) in 2004, and have been working in related field since. Currently I am employed as a Compliance Officer.

The joy of creativity, new ideas and the realisation of those have been part of my life since early childhood. At young age I experimented both with pottery and enamelling and always wanted to combine the two techniques. I had the desire to create an object that incorporated the rustic beauty of the ceramics and the sheen, the delicacy and multitude of colours of the enamel.

I am fascinated by using and combining different materials. I have tried various techniques like beading, making wire jewellery, glass and silk painting, nuno felting (fabric felting technique, where silk and wool are combined) and enamelling.

However, enamelling, the technique that combines different materials, such as fused powdered glass, and metal, has had the most effect on me. I started learning cloisonné in 2013 from Csilla Kamenár, and from 2014 I have been experimenting with goldsmith techniques at Katalin Reményi’s workshop. I have also been teaching myself from Ferenc Ötvös Nagy’s books. Then from 2015 until recently I have had the opportunity to participate in a number of his courses (champlevé and cloisonné on soldered base, plique a jour and a special silver).

I’m a passionate traveller. I’m inspired by different cultures, people, architecture and the beauty of nature. The Arabic motifs and the colours of the East are the ones I feel particularly inspired by.

For the jewellery I make I use enamel to conserve and help show the light and the vibrancy, vitality and depth of colours.